Sing nightingale sing

By Nanini Mzamane

I want to hear a singing nightingale.

Marvel, as she suffocates the undesirable and destructive background noises with her soft pitched melodious voice. One of her patients testified to me that Dr nightingale’s peace is like chemotherapy on hopelessness that grows and spreads rapidly all over cells of strength like a cancer. So, I’ll stare in awe as I watch her heal hearts that are blemished gruesomely by wounds of frustration.

Sing nightingale sing.

Let your singing be an aroma that lures people to an encounter with God. When you feel caged behind lonely bars of impatience and impulsion, oh let’s hear you exalt God along with the sun and moon and shining stars. Let’s behold you fall face down, cast a crown of selfishness abyss and proclaim God’s worth, glory and greatness. Sing nightingale sing. Sing praises to God when darkness and trials blindfold you from Him who sits victoriously on the thrown. Him who befriended, charmed and got the cross to irresistibly become hooked to His back. Sing to Him who sacrificially died for you, adopted you as His own and is willing to orchestrate blessings in order for you.

Whistle an enchanting love song to God.

Let your praise be fireworks that sparkle attractively and transparently in your heart for God to watch. Let your desires and excitement migrate to the warm breeze and love permeated climate of God.

Nightingale, sing.

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