Ctrl Z my lewe in Pinterest format

Howdy dear readers

Creating a mood board, be it a physical one or one online, helps a lot with the plot of your novel. So ever since I started writing Ctrl Z my lewe, I’ve been building a Pinterest board to get my mind around the characters as well as to get the creative juices to flow.

Read more about the magical link between pictures and writing here.

As every reader has a different picture of a character and scene in his or her mind, I want to start something new. I need YOU, the reader, to add to this board. This way, I can see how you see the story and the various characters. Maybe you can pin about your fave character and create cool scenarios!

How will this work? You can just comment below and I’ll make you a fellow admin of the board. Also, write a new caption so that we can follow your train of thought! So excited about this!

Check out the Pinterest board right here.

Here’s a couple of pins I started with:






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