Why José deserves an encore

The first time I saw the name José Gonzales I thought: great, another latin hopeful. Boy, was I wrong.

I heard his music the first time watching The secret life of Walter Mitty. I watched the movie again right after. Mainly for the music.

González (born 1978) is a Swedish indie folk singer-songwriter and guitarist from GothenburgSweden. He is also a member of the Swedish band Junip, along with Tobias Winterkorn, which I still need to check out.

His bio puts it in a nutshell: his low-voiced, serious and introverted music has almost been hugged to death by everything from the indie crowd to your grandmother. José himself is more than anything surprised.


Understated, soul-stirring… some words that could describe his music.

The song that caught me hook, line and sinker?

How low

How low are you willing to go
Before you reach all your selfish goals
Punch line after punch line
Leaving us sore, leaving us sore

Absorbed in your ill hustling
Feeding a monster, just feeding a monster
Invasion after invasion
This means war, this means war

Someday you’ll be up to your knees
In the shit you see
All the gullible that you mislead
Won’t be up or it

Where to, will you relocate
Now that it’s war, now that it’s war

Read more: Jose Gonzalez – How Low Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 3.03.53 PM

His latest album, In our nature, boasts heart-tugging guitar strings and nostalgic lyrics. Give it a listen here.

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