Is Evernote forever?

And is it even safe? Who knows. Does it matter, anyway? My recordings on this modern day message in a bottle are just sporadic thoughts anyway, like the rest of my thoughts. What am I even saying? Wow, I’ve so much to tell. Made a handful of awesome discoveries, met a wonderful human being. But I can’t tell you right this second. I’ll tell you when the ladybirds and butterflies, wasps, and swallows are freed from my belly. And the time isn’t quite right yet.


Pic by: Spring

It occurred to me, once again, this morning that there isn’t one boring individual on this planet. Every person has something fascinating to tell. There are just so many stories out there. Gus Silber was right when he said “every person is a story. Every story is a person.”

For now I’ll just sit back, and enjoy the stories that pass me by.


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