Tadaaaaa: Here’s my book!

Well, almost. I’ve been reading a lot on how to launch a book. Yes, I’ve written my first book and it’s due in a little less than two months. Can I get a mental high five? Thank you.

Writing this book has been the most daunting and the most liberating task ever, in equal measures. I’m turning thirty in September, and most of my twenties have been about what the hell I must do with my life. Sure, I like writing and, trust me, I’ve written about everything thing out there to get my rice cakes on the table  from horse riding to ice swimming to the pleather trend to why people commit suicide.

Since I’ve been journalling at the age of six, I knew writing is I wanted to do. What I must do. But I needed to know what I want to write about to make it both meaningful and to make a living out of it. So it’s been a nauseating roller coaster of giving up and starting something new, only to give up again. I’ve been chasing my so-called passions only to end up at a cul de sac called life. There has even been times of giving up on the writing thing all together. Selling sushi, manning a décor shop and trying to teach a group of expats English were just some of the jobs I attempted.

I know what you’re thinking. You ditsy child, shouldn’t write to make money. You have to do it for the love of it, then you will start to see the dollars (or in my case, rands) rolling in. Which is true, but I still needed to get food on the table. It wasn’t a case of Do what you love, it was a case of Do the only thing you’re semi good at. And I decided to keep at it till I get better.

The book, which is called Ctrl Z my lewe, is for the YA market but my publisher suggested we market it under “normal” fiction. Creating stories for teenagers has been the most gratifying thing I’ve ever done. I will keep you in the loop of things to come in a short while.




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