The Goldfinch: What Does It Mean to Keep a Secret?

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This book is too complicated for me to convey to you in any sort of detail or even coherently.  I will not be spoiling the overall plot of the book in this review.  I will say that it is about art, specifically a painting called “The Goldfinch” (1654) by Carel Fabritius.  It is about secrets.  It is about boyhood.  And it is about Theo Decker.

It is The Goldfinch (2013) by Donna Tartt and the 2014 winner of the Pulitzer Prize in fiction.

the goldfinch cover

I am a Tartt fan, so reading this book was a way for me to pay homage to her talent.  Although the content of the book often strayed from what I consider to be uplifting, enlightening, or engaging, I still couldn’t put it down, and I could see the beauty of her writing in the grittiest of passages.  To my sensitive friends, I warn you that this…

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My Top Ten Classic Novels for Teenage Boys

Good to know, thanks Emily J.

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A few months back I posted My Top Ten Classic Novels for Teenage Girls. It has become my second most-viewed post ever, just behind Seven Annoying Things People Say To Pianists, which also created a lot of conversation.

I felt somewhat bad about making this list for girls. I hate to gender stereotype and I hate saying that there are books for girls that don’t apply to boys. That’s nonsense. However, I made the list because girls are what I know.  I’m female, I have two daughters, and I spend a lot of time worrying about how to make life better for the female sex through my research.  I’ve also spent quite a lot of time with teenage girls as a mentor.

All of this has led me to think that I should make a list of my top ten classic novels for teenage boys, so here it…

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