Take the game out of dating game

The dating game.

There is something terribly wrong with the above sentence. It contains the word game. It should not be a game. It should be a sweet affair – one where two people eat a meal together and get to know each other. Getting to know each other is in itself a lot of fun, but the kind of fun where none of the parties behave like a selfish tool.

I’ve recently looked at the actual definition of flirting:

1.1 (flirt with) Experiment with or show a superficial interest in (an idea, activity, or movement) without committing oneself to it seriously.

Is it just me or does that definition feel a bit off? Not that you have to get all serious but it’s the “superficial interest” part that bothers me a bit… Maybe I should try another reference…

Truth is, if that wondrous, mysterious thing happens between them (you know, that thing no one can really explain; that thing that goes beyond the fleeting flirting), here is how I imagine it to be…

They guy shows sincere interest by asking questions and listening. The girl is real and kind – asking questions and listening. He gets the bill, walk her to her front porch and gives her a hug. They smile and have that three second eye contact. As he walks backward, facing her, he swings his keyring around his finger, says he hopes he sees her again soon with that skew smile that is starting to grow on her. She closes the door behind her, the grin staying put. She stops in front of the mirror. Utters a childish laugh… twirls around one last time and takes off her shoes. Tonight has been great.

Am I naive in thinking this could happen? Am I stupid to think there are people with sincere intentions?


That’s how simple it is. Tada… No game.

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