One thing all good writers have in common

Today I’m starting a blog.

This blog is long overdue as the pressure to write something a bit more tangible than the random notes and scribbles on a deserted exam pad has been mounting for a couple of months now. I’ve always yearned to write outside of my position as a copywriter – which entails writing about fashion. It was time to get real with myself: either I’m going to write blurbs for our online fashion hub for the rest of my life, or I’m going to ground myself as a serious writer. Today I made my decision. God gave me a talent, and it’s time I use it.


At this point I have to come clean before I write another word – it’s not Josef’s fault (Josef is my codependent, five month old, ginger kitten) nor the lack of time (let’s face it, there is always enough time to do what you love). It’s simply because I’ve been subjected to that nasty little voice called Self doubt. You know, the nagging “are you sure you’re good enough”, “you’re a lame writer”, etc. voice. From this moment I’m deaf to that voice. My first couple of attempts might be a bit wonky, but I’m going to keep at it until I’m producing something of value.

Today I write even though it’s not perfect. Today I write because this is a start of a journey that will see me becoming a better writer.

So what’s the one thing all good writers have in common? They all started.

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